Andy Deterding Ag Aviation is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1982. Andy and Sue Deterding are the Owners and Operators of ADAA. Sue Deterding is the Operations and Finance Officer and oversees everything from payroll and billing to fuel orders. Andy and Greg Deterding are full-time commercial pilots for ADAA, and ADAA has up to six contracted pilots working at any time. Tommy Deterding and Chet Fleischmann manage the ground operations, and Nikki and Cortney Deterding do contract work from time to time.

Andy Deterding has been involved with agricultural aviation his entire life. His father, Louie Deterding, had an aerial application business for which Andy worked growing up, at operations in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and wherever else business led them.

Andy and Sue married in 1980 while living in Sedgwick, Colorado. Andy received his commercial pilot’s license in 1982, at the age of twenty-two, and began flying for his father, who was operating in Pond Creek, Oklahoma at that time.

In 1985, Andy and Sue moved to Martin, South Dakota, and purchased an aerial application business for sale, Ag Aviation, which eventually became Andy Deterding Ag Aviation. Andy and Sue had their first child, Greg, on April 12, 1985.

In 1986, Andy and Sue expanded to Carrington, North Dakota, and purchased Carrington Ag Aviation from Louie Deterding. Ag Aviation then became Andy Deterding Ag Aviation, Inc.

In 1987, Andy Deterding Ag Aviation expanded its operations to Oregon and began spreading dry fertilizer and seed.

In 1988, Andy and Sue had their second child, Nikki, on January 29.

In 1990, Andy Deterding Ag Aviation expanded once again to begin spraying pasture in Osage County, Oklahoma, El Dorado, Kansas, and other surrounding areas in Oklahoma and Kansas. Andy and Sue had their third child, Tommy, on May 23, 1990

In 1996, the operations in North Dakota expanded to Pettibone, North Dakota where ADAA began spraying potatoes.

In 2002, Andy Deterding Ag Aviation expanded their North Dakota operation to include Wimbledon, North Dakota.

In 2003, Andy Deterding Ag Aviation contracted with Starker Forests, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon to apply dry lime to pine trees as part of a trial to determine whether the lime helps supply the trees with more nutrients. Also in 2003, the operations in North Dakota were expanded once again to include Washburn, North Dakota.

In January of 2007, Greg Deterding received his private pilot’s license. Greg graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2008, receiving a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in Agribusiness. In April of 2009, Greg received his commercial pilot’s license and started spraying full-time for Andy Deterding Ag Aviation.

In early 2011,Greg Deterding, along with his wife Cortney Deterding and their son Trayson, began operating the Kingfisher location as G & C Crop Care.

Nikki and Tommy Deterding are both working toward receiving their private pilot’s licenses. Nikki has flown twenty-two hours and flew her first solo flight in January of 2010. Tommy has flown thirty-four hours and flew his first solo flight in October of 2010. 

Nikki graduated with her Bachelor's of Business Administration from The University of Oklahoma in 2009 and is currently attending law school.

Tommy is currently running the load operations for ADAA, wherever in the country the crew happens to be.

Sue plans to leave the flying up to the rest of her family; she can run everything just fine with her feet firmly planted on the ground.